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When operating the system, you must supervise:

  • Monitor the utilization of hardware resources (CPU, RAM, free disk size)
  • Timely elimination of causes of hardware resource overload, or increase in hardware resources
  • Protection of the server operating system from unauthorized access
  • Protection of the system from DDoS-attacks
  • Data backup
  • Updating of the system when new versions are released by the developer
  • Deletion or transfer of old .log files


The database and the data directories specified in the docker-compose.yml file named data must be backed up:


System update

To update the system, run the following commands:

cd /opt/getscreen/
sudo docker-compose pull
sudo docker-compose up -d

The Server and Download components make schema changes in the database on their own, if necessary.

For major upgrades, the developer can provide additional instructions which must be followed to correctly upgrade to the new version of the system.

Last update: May 15th, 2023