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Why is your solution secure?

All transmitted data between the operator and the remote device is encrypted by 128-bit AES algorithm by default inside WebRTC and SSL protocols. Connecting from the browser protects the operator's computer from unauthorized reverse access.

On the managed computer side, there is no need to add exceptions and open ports in the firewall, which could be a potential source of vulnerability. Each version of the agent is automatically checked on VirusTotal . Updates for the agent are delivered automatically.

For access to a personal account, you can enable forced two-factor authorization, configure a white list of IP-addresses, as well as set up Single Sign-On.

Why does the antivirus trigger the agent program?

In most cases this happens for two reasons:

  1. False positives - this occurs when a compiled fragment of our program accidentally coincides with a fragment of other programs from the antivirus registry. Usually we react to such situations and inform the antivirus vendors, and they release an update to fix the false positive.

  2. Antivirus marks the agent program as "high-risk". By default, remote access programs are categorized as high-risk applications due to the possibility of unauthorized access to the user's device. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

If you encounter our application being detected as viral, please notify us at info@getscreen.me.

Can I ask the remote computer to confirm the connection?

Yes, you can. When you try to connect, the agent program will show a confirmation dialog box to the user.

You can enable this in agent program settings or in group settings in personal account.

Is it possible to disable the transfer of files?

Yes, you can. You can do this in agent program settings or in group settings in personal account.

Last update: 12. Juli 2024