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General Questions

What is Getscreen.me?

This is cloud-based remote desktop access software for remote desktop access right from your browser. Designed for professional use: system administration and technical support

How does it work?

The remote computer runs a small agent program that performs two functions:

  1. Captures an image from the screen and sends the data to the operator
  2. Executes mouse and keyboard commands coming from the operator

The operator receives the video picture and sends the commands working in the browser using WebRTC .

How is it different from other remote access solutions?

The main difference is the use of web technologies. This allows you to have a number of benefits:

  • NAT bypass and independence from dedicated IP addresses
  • Operator security against reverse attacks limited to the browser sandbox
  • Easy integration through ready-made plugins and HTTP API
  • Small program size

How do you test a product?

The easiest way to get acquainted with our solution is to register and use a free service plan.

If you would like to test individual features from the paid service plans, contact the sales department at the service plans page.

Is it possible to control mobile devices?

Yes, it is possible to control mobile devices on Android devices from version 7.0 onwards. To do this, download and install the mobile app from Google Play or from the .apk file.

What is the Self-Hosted version?

This is the delivery version, which includes server components for self-hosting to organize remote access within the local network without Internet access or to control outgoing and incoming traffic from remote devices.

Designed for large and medium-sized businesses. Requires maintenance by qualified specialists.

Last update: 12. Juli 2024