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Agent Program

What is an agent program?

Agent is a small program that broadcasts video from a remote computer and executes commands from a remote operator without any mandatory installation.

What are the system requirements?

Operating System:

  • Windows - from version 7 onwards
  • Windows Server - from version 2008 R2
  • macOs - from version 10.12
  • Linux - all versions
  • Android - from version 7.0

Minimum Internet bandwidth: 5 mbps and above.

Do I need to install the program?

It depends on what scenarios you plan to use.

For example, in Quick Support, it is not required.

In Permanent Access installation is not required, but necessary for full use in order to make features such as

  • run as Administrator;
  • autorun at system startup;
  • waking up with Wake-on-LAN;
  • and others.

What domains, IP addresses and ports are used for data transmission?

If your devices are running on closed networks, you must add the following permissions for the agent program to work properly:


out         443             TCP
in/out      40000-60000     UDP
out         3478            UDP



Where are the logs stored?

For uninstalled programs:


For installed programs:


For branded programs:

C:\ProgramData\%PROGRAMNAME%\logs\ and C:\ProgramFiles\%PROGRAMNAME%\logs\ accordingly.

\Library\Application Support\Getscreen.me\logs


\Users\%USERNAME%\Application Support\Getscreen.me\logs





How do I perform a mass deployment?

To deploy the agent program in Active Directory you can use MSI package or binary files for installation via RMM systems (Remote Network Monitoring and Management). To perform authorization to your account, use console commands:

Installing and binding an agent to an account:

getscreen.exe -install -register john.smith@gmail.com

and additional configuration (outdated method, better to use group settings):

getscreen.exe -config "name='My Computer' language=ru autostart=true nonadmin=true control=true fast_access=false file_transfer=true audio_calls=false black_screen=true disable_confirmation=true proxy='socks5://username:password@'"

When deploying, you can specify the group the installed agent to be attached to by adding the group ID to the login with a colon: john.smith@gmail.com:1001

For a complete list of console commands, see user guide.

Last update: 12. Juli 2024