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Personal account

Why do I need to register?

Registration is needed to access personal account. A full set of features for professional use becomes available in the personal account.

The account provides access to:

  • agent programs on remote computers;
  • additional users in your team;
  • subscription fees.

How do I change my account username or password?

This can be done in the personal account settings:

Why was my account blocked?

This usually happens for violating the usage agreement rules of our software. For example, for improper use of branding settings or explicitly fraudulent behavior.

If your account has been blocked, email us at info@getscreen.me to find out the reason.

How do I upgrade to a paid service plan or buy a license?

You can subscribe or buy a license at service plan page in your personal account.

How do I cancel a paid subscription?

Subscription or license management is always available on service plan page in your personal account.

Last update: 12. Juli 2024