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    If you encounter a problem or error while working with the platform, do not hesitate to contact technical support.

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  • User manual

    Learn more about the available functions and features of all platform components: agent program, connection window and personal account.


  • System Requirements

    Read the system requirements for all elements of the remote and operator side platform on the same page.


  • Change Log

    Keep track of new versions with descriptions of changes that include enhancements, bug fixes and other significant changes.

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    HTTP API ermöglicht es Ihnen einen Programmzugriff zu den meisten in Ihrem persönlichen Konto verfügbaren Funktionen zu erhalten: Computer verwalten, ausstehende Verbindungen erstellen.


  • Self-Hosted Guide

    Read more about installing and configuring the self-hosted version of the server part.

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  • Roadmap

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  • Legal documents

    Read the terms and conditions of the service and user data storage policies.


Last update: 15. Mai 2023